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Is Your Business in Need of a Used Forklift?: Is Your Business in Need of a Used Forklift?:

If you’re in the market for a used forklift, National Forklift Exchange can help you find the right unit for your place of business. We can also help owners interested in selling older units that aren’t getting used as much or are simply costing too much money in repairs and maintenance.

Forklifts truly are modern marvels of industrial production. They play vital roles in a range of industries by lifting, moving and storing materials weighing up to 60 tons and more.. Lift trucks also come at a significant expense, and though they are entirely worth the cost for any productive warehouse, they can still become a difficult purchase to make—especially because choosing the right machine not only contributes to work efficiency but also to safety. One of the smartest options for any warehouse, no matter how busy, is to purchase a used forklift. At much cheaper costs, workplaces can acquire high-quality forklifts from top brands. Warehouses that have more units than they need, or a unit that might be old but still in working condition, may also want to consider selling or trading the forklift. Recycling used trucks like this isn’t just great for the environment; it can also save warehouses and other businesses thousands in expenses.

Our sales staff serves all 50 states, as well as international customers in Canada, Latin and South America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australia and so forth.

If you're looking to sell a forklift, we can get you the highest dollar return for your items by purchasing your surplus forklifts, or helping in the disposal process with appraisals, bids and remarketing.

Our products include forklifts, lift trucks, reach forklifts, and narrow aisle electric forklifts. Our lift truck product offerings include cushion tire forklifts, pneumatic tire forklifts, rough-terrain forklifts, truck-mounted forklifts, stand-up electric lifts, sit-down electric lifts, and walk-behind electric lifts. Fuel offerings include propane, gasoline, diesel, and electric.

About Us: About Us:

National Forklift Exchange Can Provide You With a Used Forklift in Excellent Condition

As a distributor of used forklifts, we aim to guide our clients through every step of the purchase, from selecting equipment to shipping. We can provide you with the necessary information for buying or selling a used lift truck, and we can help you identify the best options for your business.

National Forklift Exchange ensures that all of the lift-truck equipment available for sale is of the highest possible quality, with prices marked at wholesale values. We offer competitive rates that most retail outlets just can’t match.

Shipping Where You Need It

We understand the material-handling business well and can work with you to make sure you get the right truck for your particular needs. We can help organize freight arrangements for shipping to anywhere in the world. With a sales staff serving all 50 states, along with international customers in Latin and South American countries, Canada, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Africa and Australia, we can get you the truck you need no matter where you are.

Looking to Sell a Used Forklift? We Can Help!

If you would like to sell a forklift, NFE can provide the highest return by purchasing surplus forklifts or assisting with the disposal process, bids, appraisals and remarketing. Forklifts are our passion. Whether you need to find a used forklift for sale that meets your needs or you want to find a new home for an older unit, we can help. Call us at 855-322-1001, and we’ll be more than happy to address any of your questions or concerns.

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