4 Ways an Electric Forklift Can Enhance Your Material Handling Operations

4 Ways an Electric Forklift Can Enhance Your Material Handling OperationsAre you deliberating the purchase of an electric forklift? Are you unsure whether these innovative forms of green technology can benefit your material handling operations? As these technologies get integrated more in to industrial and material handling enterprises, electric forklifts are no longer just a hot trend but a regular means of production and logistics. Currently, there are a cornucopia of electric forklifts available, enabling users to do more work with less power while fostering sustainability in demanding settings and environs. There are many benefits to owning one of these cutting-edge appliances. Here are four chief ways electric forklifts can enhance your material handling operation:

1) Reduce Fuel-Related Costs  

First and foremost, electric forklifts can help any owner save money upfront. This is largely chalked up to a reduction in fuel costs through gas independence. Many forklift manufacturers offer EPA approved fully-electric and hybrid LPG and Diesel engines that have been proven to bolster the bankrolls of those who invest in these devices. With many industry leaders offering certifications recognized across the world by many leaders in environmental sciences and occupational safety, these vehicles are an eco-friendly option that have generated quite a bit of fanfare. While gas-fed forklifts often need to be used in areas of ventilation, electric forklifts generate no emissions which again decreases EPA sanctions due to violation of implemented standards.

2) Reduce Maintenance Overhead

Electric forklifts do not foster their power from traditional gas-fed combustion, therefore they do not require many of the parts you would find in a typical engine. These vehicles do not require oil, pistons, spark plugs, belts or catalytic converters. With time, use and incurred wear and tear, these products are destined to lose functionality, fail outright and require replacement. Be that electric forklifts use none of these components or products, less maintenance is required. These appliances spend less time out of service and more time in action. As a result, it is less likely to find an electric forklift at a repair center and saving owners thousands in corrective and preventative maintenance costs.

3) Up To The Task

Electric forklifts can tackle any job, typical gas-fed forklifts take on. Many electric forklifts can lift up to 3,500 pounds of goods and are ergonomically designed to handle discrete and intricate material handling applications and scenarios. Just like gas-fed forklifts, electric forklifts come in all shapes and sizes. Examples of varieties of these machines, include three-wheel counter balance, four-wheel counter balance, rack, stand on reach and sit on truck forklifts. In addition, electric forklifts are also available in the narrow-aisle, heavy operation and rough terrain varieties as well. Indoor or outdoor, rain or shine, there is no project that an electric forklift cannot complete. Furthermore, electric forklifts generally have a lower turning radius making maneuverability that much easier.

4) Longer Lasting

Electric forklifts are more likely to endure a longer lifespan than petroleum-powered material handling appliances. From a combination of durability, efficacy and innovations in technology, electric forklifts are built to go the distance. According to The Forklift Center, electric forklifts afford owners a lower cost of ownership. When you multiply these reductions over a longer period of time, the savings are exponential. As a result, these funds can now be applied toward other aspects of material handling efforts, thus once again optimizing and enhancing these initiatives on a daily basis.

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Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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