3 Best Forklifts for High Capacity Lifting

3 Best Forklifts for High Capacity LiftingThe material handling and supply chain industry offers a wide range of challenges and tribulations. Owning a high capacity forklift can help any business, manager or employee take on these varying difficulties. There are many makes, brands and models but few stand above the rest. Known for crafting durable and long-standing appliances, Hyster, Yale and Crown have emerged as leaders in the industry. With demands ever changing and material handling processes becoming seamlessly integrated in advanced supply chain management, it is fundamental have a steadfast fleet of vehicles ready to complete the job. With this kept in mind, we have narrowed down the list for prospective buyers in the market for a new forklift or for those simply seeking an upgrade. Here are the top choices for high capacity lifting:

1) Hyster

Hyster has emerged as the gold-standard for high capacity forklifts. The brand features a full catalog and ensemble of material handling appliances that fit a wide range of uses. For instance, Hyster produces high capacity fork lift trucks which have been designed with the purpose of being able to lift heavy loads and help each forklift operator work more efficiently with each high capacity load. This corporation proudly and firmly stands behind its product line. The flagship forklift, H36-48XM12, features a Cummins QSL9 8.9L diesel engine, rated to provide power to match the strength of these sophisticated machines.

2) Yale

According to Yale’s website, Yale’s forklift trucks capable of high capacity lifting “are designed to make easy work of the hardest loads in tough working conditions.” Additionally, Yale’s high capacity forklifts include a range from 19,000 up to 36,000 lbs. Yale fork lift trucks feature a wide range of customizable features, including innovative options allowing for “versatility in multiple industries with optional carriage and fork options and attachments such as pipe clamps, produce forks and coil rams.”

3) Crown

Crown fork lift trucks literally raise the bar and elevate expectation. The RM/RMD series is rated to tackle high capacity operations while employing the flexibility to store packages and goods at record heights. Ideal for mezzanines and tiers, Crown is also proud to boast a vehicle designed for quality, efficiency and comfort. These machines are easy to use and fairly friendly toward new forklift operators. For the seasoned veteran, this appliance is a dream come true.

Each of these three high capacity forklifts offer benefits that are unprecedented. Whether it is Hyster’s commitment to delivering durable and reliable products or Yale’s ability to perform under the most rigorous of conditions, there are multiple positives in owning any of these high capacity forklifts. For those hoping to make the most of mezzanines or tiers, Crown forklifts offers a revolutionary hybrid where safety meets quality and luxury meets ergonomics. All of these tools will maximize procurement and production operations while bringing any manufacturing enterprise into modern business practices. High Capacity Forklifts are a must-own for any organization hoping to raise the standard and take their enterprise to the next level.

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Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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