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Side Loading Forklift

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Side loading forklifts are equipped with reaching masts that pick up and move wide or long loads in narrow aisles, with an added benefit of high stacking capability. Forks are mounted onto the machine perpendicular to the direction the forklift travels, and are pivotal in order to facilitate the loading and transporting of long or wide materials. They are especially suitable for the metals and plastics industries that involve moving tubing, pipes and plywood sheets, as the deck prohibits flexing of materials during transportation. Also there are swing mast forklifts that come in either propane or electric fuel. Mostly they are operator seated, 4 wheel sit down rider forklifts with masts that turn.
They are meant for use in environments with very narrow aisles that require material to be lifted to heights of 25 feet or higher. With a rotating mast that can swing 90 degrees in either direction, they allow for easy maneuvering of loads without having to turn the entire machine.

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