Top 5 Forklift Competitions Around The World

Top 5 Forklift Competitions Around The World

Who said driving a forklift was all work and no play? Across the world every year, forklift operators in the world compete for coveted prices that earn them the designation of material handling champion. The venues are diverse, the lift trucks vary and the locations span all reaches of the globe. Here is a breakdown of the top five forklift competitions around the world:

1) LindeMH Stapler Cup

According to the Forklift Cup, this competition features the best that the world has to offer. From all reaches of the planet, logistics experts compete in Germany in various material handling tasks in both International and World Championships. Since its inception over 20,000 men and women have signed up to perform in the last decade. The contests are so fierce that the LindeMH Stapler Cup have developed a Hall of Fame to recognize the achievements of the most elite forklift operators.

2) National Forklift Championships of Australia

The Aussies have a national forklift operation competition of their own where those that enlist are consigned to the task of competing in basic maneuvering and handling. The winner is crowned forklift royalty in the only country that is also a continent. Australia’s material handling standards are far different from Europe and North America; they are more robust and rigid. Opponents are not only faced with the adversity of fierce opposition but also adhering to these cumbersome regulations.

3) The British Columbia Forklift Championship

Hosted by the Canadian Materials Handling & Distribution Society, the BC Forklift Championship is as rugged as it gets. According to The Balance, the B.C. Forklift Championship is comprised of two stages. The first portion is a written test involving 20 multiple choice questions. The second stage of the competition, involves circumventing a demanding course designed to challenge the skill and dexterity of operators as those behind the wheel must complete the course in a specified time frame, no exceptions.

4) Washington State Forklift Rodeo

This one is all about fun. While the Washington Governor’s Industrial Safety and Health Advisory Board hosts this event to promote safety and best material handling practices, the Washington State Forklift Rodeo is a novelty that takes many material handlers away from the rigors of the workplace and immerses them in to an environment focused on having fun and being creative. This competition is a bit different than all the rest.

5) Columbia Forklift Challenge

Neighboring Washington in the state due south, the Oregon Governor’s Occupational Safety & Health Conference sponsors this venue annually in Portland, Oregon. In Rip City, these forklift operators let it rip as the events are comprised of an innovative driving route and obstacle course that once again test handling, maneuverability and regulatory compliance. Perhaps the most notable event according to GOSH, is the stage where drivers are pitched the task of rolling a bowling ball off a pallet toward pins approximately 20 feet away. The contest is innovative and certainly one-of-a-kind and should be on the bucket list of every forklift operator.

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