100 Years of Material Handling: How Forklifts Have Evolved

Where did forklifts come from and how have they evolved? The history of the forklift is one marked by innovation and invention. Originally, forklifts were manually powered hoists that were used to lift loads. These initial prototypes would serve as … Continue reading

Forklift Operation: Essential Facts That Supervisors Need to Know

Managing an industrial workplace means a lot more than maximizing production, it also means keeping employees safe. Worker safety is a direct result of operational guidelines. If you enforce these guidelines and lead by example, the risk of injury is … Continue reading

7 Considerations When Buying Used and New Forklift Parts

For some companies, keeping forklifts in working condition is necessary to maintain business processes. That’s why it’s so important to know proper maintenance techniques and to understand how to shop for replacement parts. Not only will this maximize the lifetime … Continue reading

How to Know When to Upgrade Your Forklift

A forklift is a piece of industrial equipment, so the decision to upgrade should be driven by the goal of maintaining or improving your business’s bottom line.  Each operation enjoys a different amount of capital and revenue, and the amount … Continue reading

Should I Buy a Diesel or an Electric Forklift?

While hoisting and transporting various heavy objects and materials at the workplace is accomplished more safely, quickly, and easily with the use of a forklift, the specific way a forklift truck is powered not only makes a difference in its … Continue reading

Forklift Accessories Explained

Forklifts are utility vehicles that are used in industries for a variety of lifting operations. To truly maximize the use of these workhorses, forklift accessories, or attachments, have been introduced into the market. These accessories offer owners operational lifting choices, … Continue reading

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