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Used Yale forklifts can benefit and improve a variety of different work environments. With models capable of lifting up to 50,000 pounds and trucks designed specifically for narrow workspaces, Yale’s lineup of used forklifts represents versatility, functionality and unmatched quality.

Ergonomic Design Meets Productivity

Yale’s slogan, “People. Products. Productivity.” symbolizes the company’s efforts to build a better and safer forklift. As one of the first manufacturers to introduce the concept of a tilting fork, Yale’s approach is one that aims to combine ease of operation with enhanced productivity. Each Yale forklift can provide reliable and consistent operations for years to come, with low maintenance and an affordable price range. Some of these principle features are:

•Controls placed within reach of the operator
•Steps with self-cleaning grips to provide safe and easy entrance
•Drop-down LPG tank brackets for simple and quick changes

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The History of Yale Forklifts

Now known as an industry leader in highly efficient, ergonomic forklifts, Yale comes from humble beginnings. Starting with the invention of the pin-tumbler lock in the mid-1800s, Linus Yale and Henry Towe would eventually start the Yale Lock Manufacturing Company in Connecticut, which is still known for its superb, quality locks.

Yale continued to expand its scope to the construction of other materials, and in 1920, the company produced an electric-powered, low-lift platform truck. The success of this unit would lead to the creation of other machines that expanded productivity in warehouses across the United States, including one of the first applications of a tilting fork to increase safety and productivity.

Throughout the 20th century, Yale has expanded to international markets while bolstering its line of battery-, gas- and diesel-powered forklifts. Continuing with successful mergers, partnerships and acquisitions, Yale became known as a go-to company for providing forklifts that improved efficiency in the workplace while creating a stable and safe work environment.

Yale Electric Forklifts

Designed to deliver an affordable and high-performing truck, Yale’s electric forklifts are known for their consistency and performance. Taking advantage of modern technology, these trucks feature interfaces that provide the operator with complete diagnostics, as well as the option for custom settings to meet the most stringent demands. Current models in stock are:


Narrow-Aisle Forklifts by Yale

Yale’s proven Hi-Vis™ masts are built to meet the demands of the tightest and narrowest workspaces while focusing on safety and productivity. Combined with the emphasis on ergonomic design for which the company is known, along with industry-leading construction, Yale’s narrow-aisle lift trucks create a safe and effective work environment. We currently have the following in stock:

• OS030

Motorized Hand Trucks

Yale’s passion for quality construction is perhaps best demonstrated in the company’s hand trucks. With a proven design, the handling system is built with ease of use, safety and improved functionality for the operator. Built to last, these units require relatively low maintenance.

Yale Internal-Combustion Engine (ICE) Forklifts

Featuring a Mazda, GM or Yale’s own V4 in-line engine, Yale offers both cushion and pneumatic ICE forklifts. Cushion trucks provide more power and strength than the electric varieties while featuring the same quality-built Hi-Vis™ masts and intuitive control layouts. Currently available are the following models:


For the toughest jobs, Yale’s pneumatic ICE forklifts are made for industry-specific deployments, utilizing different options for gasoline, diesel and LPG fuel to combine versatility, functionality and reliable construction. Yale’s commitment to ergonomic design without sacrificing power or usability makes for a truck that can handle the toughest job without distracting the operator with complex control layouts or inconvenient design choices. We have the following units in stock:


Improve Productivity and Safety Today

Used Yale forklifts allow for operators to focus directly on the tasks at hand with ease, efficiency and a truck built to handle the most demanding and frequent lifting.

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