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Used Komatsu forklifts are best utilized for maneuvering in narrow aisles and transporting pallet loads in large warehouses. One of the top rated and most frequently material handling choices in many US factories and warehouses, Komatsu Forklifts takes on a similar objective and goal to its national competitors by providing efficient products in managing space utilization. Used Komatsu forklifts, along with a broad array of attachments, are available from Komatsu to meet the precise standards in the most complex scenarios.

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The History of Komatsu Forklifts

In 1921, Komatsu broke ground when it separated from Takeuchi Mining Company to form Komatsu Ltd. Today, Komatsu Shantui Construction Machinery is a proud Deming Prize winner, recognized for their total and global quality. With over eighty-three years of material handling production, Komatsu has emerged as a globally recognized agent of progression in manufacturing.

Always Raising The Bar

Like many of its contemporaries, Komatsu Forklifts has been an organization that achieved many firsts. Komatsu is dedicated to raising the bar, and this was evident in 1931 when Komatsu developed Japan’s first crawler-type tractor. In fact, within the next twenty-five years, Komatsu would open three large plants which would continue to produce and flourish in the sale of bulldozers, forklifts, dump trucks, special purpose vehicles and diesel engines. Emphatically, this technological giant has consistently raised the bar in various arenas of production, including prolific quality control measures.

Across the world, Komatsu is known for creating a diverse line of forklifts and lift trucks. Owning or operating a used Komatsu forklift or lift truck can be comparable to purchasing a machine, fresh off the factory floor. Here are Komatsu’s most renowned models:

Notable Komatsu Products:

• FB Series Electric Forklift
• FB-RL Series Electric Reach Truck
• FB-M Series Electric Forklift
• FD-E Series 10 ton Diesel Forklift Truck
• FD-Z Series 20 ton Diesel Forklift Truck
• FH Series Diesel Forklift Truck with Hydrostatic Transmission

Why Choose Komatsu Forklifts?

Komatsu Forklifts is known for utilizing space management and providing excellent forklifts and lift trucks that can be used in almost any situation. Like many contemporary manufacturers, Komatsu features a diverse spectrum of products that are dynamic in function and utility. The catalog features traditional diesel, electric, & gasoline and forklift trucks. For those seeking to purchase a Used Komatsu forklift, there are proven variety of methods and choices to select from. The FG15T is an ergonomic pleasure for tight turns in those most nonnegotiable spaces with a turn radius of 1955mm. In addition, each Komatsu product comes weighted for different size loads. For bulkier loads, the FD250Z can carry up to 2, 500 lbs, earning it unique superlatives in its respective class.

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