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Hyster offers a wide range of forklifts and other material handling equipment to improve the productivity of your business. Dedicated to be the most trustworthy provider of forklifts and warehousing solutions, Hyster supplies quality equipment that ranges from the smallest pallet trucks to heavy capacity forklifts. With over 80 years of a proven track record in providing one of the most powerful, dependable, and tough forklifts, Used Hyster forklifts are globally coveted for their reliable and powerful service.

Drive Your Cost Down with Hyster Forklifts
Hyster is a reliable company recognized for delivering a strong global presence and supplying efficient forklifts to keep your cost down. Supported by over 8,600 employees and a growing number of ISO qualified certified Hyster manufacturing plants around the world, Hyster’s design and production team enjoys the privilege of approaching product design, manufacturing, and supply chain management regionally. By effectively tailoring products and services to specific customers and promptly responding to regional demands, warehouse owners and those in the construction industry are finding Hyster forklift a reliable and cost-effective solution for their business.

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The History of Hyster

Hyster was founded in 1929 as the Willamette-Ersted Company in Portland, Oregon. Its name was allegedly derived from “Hoist’er,” a common term used by logging workers in the 19th century. Considered as a pioneer in the development of special machines and metals for the Northwest logging industry, the company’s innovative design, industrial-strength components, and state-of-the art manufacturing and testing have earned Hyster a name among other forklift suppliers. Today, Hyster boasts one of the largest distribution networks. The company carries over 140 products across 190 industries and is always on the forefront to develop, engineer, and manufacture forklifts and other material handling equipment to meet the skyrocketing demands of the market.

Hyster Products

Hyster offers a comprehensive range of forklifts, both new and used, and other material handling equipment to meet your specific operational needs. Listed below are some of the trending Hyster forklifts and their descriptions:

Internal Combustion Trucks
The Hyster CT Series of LPG and diesel forklift trucks were developed for intense operations to maximize uptime, productivity, and serviceability.

Compact Internal Combustion Trucks
The Hyster Fortis range of compact LPG and diesel forklift trucks will satisfy your need for high lift applications in very confined areas.

High Capacity Forklift trucks
Designed to endure lifting capacities from 8 up to 48 tonnes, Hyster high capacity forklift trucks will handle your heaviest loads with superior efficiency.

3-Wheel and 4-Wheel Electric Trucks
Suitable for indoor and outdoor operations, both 3-wheel and 4-wheel electric trucks will keep your business on schedule without consuming excessive energy.

Pallet Trucks
Hyster pallet trucks will provide dependable horizontal transportation for your warehouse. They are efficient and require minimal maintenance on your part.

Pallet Stackers
Ergonomically designed to maximize operational productivity, Hyster offers a variety of pallet stackers to improve the performance and efficiency of your operators.

Reach Trucks
Hyster reach trucks provide excellent visibility and control for your drivers to retrieve high pallets in narrow aisles.

Order Pickers
Maximize warehouse space utilization with Hyster order pickers to pick and access your order with greater ease.

Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) Trucks
The VNA Hyster trucks will enable you to work in limited work space with a very high racking system.

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The powerful Hyster lift trucks you see on the market are the result of extensive consumer research, comprehensive field testing, and rigorous engineering design. Purchase your used Hyster forklifts today and take them to work with you tomorrow.

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