Five Most Common Forklift Attachments

The number of forklift attachments that are available today has increased over the years and their quality has improved as well, mainly because they offer businesses a great deal more functionality and added features. Find what attachments work best for your business and industry requirements before you purchase any of them to utilize with your lift trucks.

The following attachments are most commonly used:

1.     Side Shifters

The main benefits of this popular forklift attachment are

• They help adjust the fork’s tines on each side of the lift truck. The adjustments are based on the merchandise that is being transported.

• They make it easy for a forklift operator to line up the pallets without moving the entire forklift.

• They help with the unloading and loading of an array of goods, and are exceptionally fast.

• They reduce fuel consumption.

• They minimize damage which could be caused to the pallets.:

2.     Paper Roll Clamps

This forklift attachment is used almost exclusively in the paper-making and newspaper printing industries. The attachment includes a pressure control that automatically determines the pressure needed based on the product or goods that are being transported by the lift truck; more pressure is needed if you transport heavier goods, for example.

Paper roll clamps are extremely flexible and versatile, due to their ability to rotate 360 degrees. Additionally, far less damage is caused by these attachments when handling paper products.

3.     Carton Clamps

These attachments are mostly used to transport rectangular or square-shaped cartons. They are usually used in the appliances, beverages and electronics industries, and they are used instead of pallet forks. They can carry fragile goods as well, and they can be set to transport loads vertically or horizontally, depending on what is needed.

4.     Man Baskets

Man baskets usually have a capacity of about 450 kgs, the ability to carry and lift about 8 or 9 people at a time.  Access to a man basket can be obtained without difficulty and they have fork-pockets at the back of the basket. Each man basket includes handrails that offer grip, and they help balance the occupant while on the platform. The assembling and dismantling of a man basket attachment before and after use is extremely easy.

5.     Extended Forks

Extended forks give much greater support to lift larger objects. With the addition of a specially-shaped forks attachment, transportation of specialized loads is effortless. These may include large bags and 55-gallon drums, for example.

When a business uses any forklift attachments, most jobs become exceedingly easier. These attachments add value to standard forklifts and their overall functionality. Remember that only qualified forklift operators should handle attachments, and frequent safety checks must be conducted as well.

About Tom Reddon

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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