Benefits of Buying a Used Forklift

Are you looking to acquire an addition for your forklift fleet? Are you juggle the pros and cons between purchasing a new forklift against a used one? Believe it or not, purchasing a used forklift can offer many benefits. First and foremost is the price, as a used forklift allows any business to stay within budget constraints without getting pummeled with costs. Secondly, used forklifts can offer tremendous value. Value can be derived from quicker acquisition, return on investment, and anticipated lifespan given the amount of capital fronted. Here are three ways buying a used forklift can offer you tremendous rewards:


1) Less Expensive

While this may seem like an overstated narrative, it is nonetheless important. Used forklifts can be substantially cheaper than new forklifts, yet they come in a variety of shapes and sizes like their modern counterparts. When shopping for a used forklift, almost every kind of material handling device is available. In fact, cost is the prime reason why used forklifts are regarded as a smart investment. For a used forklift, the investment price is significantly lower than the cost of a new machine. These savings can be utilized to improve operations in other areas where there is less flexibility on the table. Furthermore, used forklifts can have a prolonged lifespan which means their return on investment can be extraordinary.


2) A Used Forklift Can Be Acquired Faster Than A New Forklift

In many cases, this is in fact the truth. Used forklifts can be acquired on the same day in many scenarios, while new forklifts have to be produced and fabricated prior to deployment. In addition, a new forklift has to often be delivered from the manufacturer which could idle operations if the replacement is business-critical. The same does not hold true with a used forklift, as in many cases the owner can drive the device off the lot on the same day if need be. While a new forklift may feature a vast array of innovative and up-to-date technologies, used forklifts are without question built to handle any operation its successors are produced for. If you find yourself in a bind and need a material handling appliance on the floor quickly, a used forklift is likely your answer.


3) Raise Bottom Line

Due to lowered up-front costs, used forklifts can actually raise the bottom line. This is especially true if these devices were maintained well and are offered with some form of guarantee. In fact, some used forklifts are certified with a warranty package. This means that, in a variety of situations, there may be no additional expenditures required to handle routine maintenance. However, in the event your business needs to go out of pocket, you don’t need to worry. According to TotalTrax, in the event repairs are to be made, used forklifts are less expensive to handle when compared to newer forklifts.  Generally, less overhead is required to maintain one of these machines and as a result you may find your business further in the black at year’s end.

About Tom Reddon

Tom has been involved in the forklift industry since 1986. He loves doing research, blogging, and speaking about forklifts. You can contact Tom on his Twitter or Google+ profiles.

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