Are Electric Forklifts Energy Efficient?

Are Electric Forklifts Energy EfficientIf you’re looking to go green at your workplace or warehouse, there are a few things to keep in mind including cost, practicalities, as well as resistance you might face from your colleagues or superiors. Nobody likes change–at first. However, what about going green when it comes to your material handling? If you are looking for a reliable forklift that gets the job done and decreases your energy bill, then it’s time to consider an electric forklift. By turning to electric lift trucks, you’ll be instantly going green. Electric forklifts are a modern phenomenon in the material handling applications arena. They are sleek, economical and most importantly energy efficient. Some speculate as to whether these vehicles live up to the billing, but they in fact, do. Regardless of whether it is a used or new forklift, these appliances save money, too!

How Does an Electric Forklift Operate?

Electric forklifts do not rely on diesel fuel or gas, they are solely powered off electricity generated from a wall plug.  You can reduce your gas bill if you have existing gas-fed forklifts in your fleet because electric forklifts require no gas at all. Furthermore, electric forklifts are a sounder alternative for efficiency from both an environmental and operational standpoint. Electric forklifts require less parts compared to traditional, combustible forklifts and also will eliminate any fuel costs. Additionally, due to their soaring popularity, these vehicles are now easier to service as well.

What Makes them Eco-Friendly?

For used electric forklift owners or those wishing to make the most of their new addition, electric forklifts use materials that can be used repeatedly. Recycling or re-using old parts is both a cost-effective and eco-friendly way to handle the wear and tear that accompanies the lifespan of any material handling appliance. Recycling parts will save money and also reduce the need to acquire, attain and purchase parts which saves time and promotes the welfare of the environment as well! Recycled parts do not lack quality, they are augmented to be used on a day-to-day basis. Electric forklifts require fewer parts and many of these parts are renewable. This helps to decrease the need to produce components and therefore save on resources.

Considering an Electric Forklift for Your Warehouse

Eco-friendly forklifts do not gain their power from combustion, therefore as mentioned they do not require many of the parts featured in traditional vehicles. As a result, these forklifts do not require oil, pistons, spark plugs, belts or catalytic converters. All of which rely on energy, resources and fuel. With time and inevitable wear and tear, these products are destined to weather and eventually lose functionality, ultimately requiring replacement. However, electric forklifts use none of these components. They do not create carbon bi-products or emit harmful gases. According to Molokini, electric forklifts overall are cost-effective because the cost of ownership is significantly lower than traditional gas fed forklifts.

According to the recent electricity monsters guide to Sydney gas suppliers, these devices are characterized as productive, durable, energy-efficient and tough. For skeptics wondering if these vehicles are up to the task, they can flourish in both indoor and outdoor environments making them virtually a must-own for any production center wishing to ride the wave of ingenuity. Electric forklifts can generate as much torque as gas fed forklifts which allows them to get the job done in a heavy lifting situation as well. Owning an electric forklift is truly win-win scenario across the board.

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