4 Practical Tips All Forklift Operators Should Follow

4 Practical Tips All Forklift Operators Should FollowSimply because a forklift is explosion proof, a three wheel, or a four-wheel forklift doesn’t mean any operator is invincible. Forklifts are a technological wonder, a device that has been used to improve and catalyze material handling processes. Whether it be a factory floor in the loading bay or warehouse mezzanines, forklifts have been proven to aid employees in safely removing and storing heavy, bulky items with little trouble. These innovations present the same challenges you would expect to see in numerous types of forklifts. Here are some basic tips both novice and experienced forklift drivers can utilize to maximize these devices to the best of their ability:

Check Forklift  

Make sure your forklift is of proper working order. Poorly inflated tires and a lack of essential fluids prior to use can be exceptionally hazardous, regardless of whether the forklift is explosion proof. First, check the PSI on all tires with an appropriate tire gauge. It is worth mentioning that overinflated tires are more like to explode and even cause a vehicle fire, even with these safety features built in! Furthermore, monitoring antifreeze and oil to ensure they are at appropriate operational levels. This practice prevents the engine from overheating or freezing in challenging winter and summer environments which pose the same toils on even the most well maintained, thoroughly inspected forklift.

Be Alert and Vigilant!

All forklift operators should be alert and vigilant. Regardless of the make, brand, or type of forklift, all lift trucks require rigorous attention including a close inspection by the operator each morning. It is imperative to maintain focus, constantly surveying the site continuously to recognize potential pitfalls and hazards. These hazards can become an issue in a matter of moments, ranging from distracted employees to potential crashes. To avoid incidents, forklift operators are expected to keep their hands on the controls at all times, viewing all gauges on the dashboard. These various instruments can be the difference maker between avoiding accidents and suffering one. Furthermore, mishandling or the inability to perceive a wide range of obstacles will create the same disastrous consequences. Be alert and be aware from start to finish!

Be Careful With Flammable Substances

Even if you’re operating an explosion proof forklift, that does not eliminate the dangers associated with flammable substances. Anything can be ignited under certain conditions. A common fallacy that accompanies the use of these vehicles is that operators can become complacent, take bigger risks than they should. This will prove disastrous over the long term. The same rules apply regardless of what type of lift truck you’re operating. Always keep in mind that these are simply installations and tips to enhance safety for forklift operators but do not make up for a lack of regard for overall safety in the workplace, warehouse. Treat every situation the same regardless of these tips.

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